The bar at The Happy Prince is no place for whispering sweet nothings and once everybody has found their way in, time will mysteriously speed up.

 In 2011, Elie worked on creating a modern gastro-bar with a focus on elevating the craft of the cocktail. The list at the bar challenges the classic connoisseurs as much as the modern amateurs. Shaking, stirring and mixing liquids, all bartenders seek ultimate balance and perfection at the bar.

The house cocktail menu examines the functioning of cocktails in the absence of reason. Fresh ingredients such as earthy herbs, aromatics, spices, fresh fruits and vegetable extracts were moved from the kitchen to the bar, sometimes infused with based spirits pushing cocktails toward the savory end of the scale. Whether fruity and cheerful, boozy and serious, each cocktail has its own character and mood.

The fact that the bar at The Happy Prince is considered today as one of Beirut’s top institute in classic and modern mixology will come as no surprise to those discerning drinkers who have experienced the bar’s audacious, innovative and scientific approach to the art of cocktail crafting.