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About Us

Art Galleries scattered throughout the city’s rustic streets and mechanics refurbishing vintage cars elevated on old rusty lifts; Mar Mikhael has always been considered Beirut’s industrial and artistic hub. In 2012, The Happy Prince opened its doors in the neighborhood being one of the first restaurants to drive Mar Mikhael to the food and beverage scene it had reached today.

The place was created to be the founder’s favorite restaurant: A new experience where food collides spectacularly with spirits, wines and cocktails, in a casual and vibrant setting with no pretense. From the buzz of the bar, to the hum of the dining tables, “The Happy Prince” is forever kinetic. By reflecting its true identity and integrity, the place will always remain one of Mar Mikhael’s most beloved restaurants.

The Happy Prince is part of the Wisors Hospitality Group, started by restaurateurs Elie Nehme and Micky Abou Merhy,
which also include Vyvyan’s and Kissproof.

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